1. Ashtanga-Inspired Primary A Series (moderate – advanced)

Sri. K. Patabhi Jois, one of the first students of Krishnamacharia, ‘Father of Yoga to the West’, developed the Ashtanga Primary A Series as a set of specific postures that students learn only after they have proven mastery over the prior postures learned. This vinyasa-styled class surrounds the sun-salutations and is playful with trying new postures each time. If you are ready to take your practice further, this class is for you!

2. Barre Above

Trina Rose teaches this fun class and is a favorite among students! If you want a full workout, look no further! Trina leads students through the class beginning with a little yoga to warm up, then moves her students to the barre to work on the hips and buttocks and ends by moving back to the mat for a little pilates targeting the core. She uses props of all kinds throughout this fun class to deepen the workout and even rolls the back out with little balls leaving students feeling like they’ve been to the spa by the time the class is finished!

3. Heated Sunrise Yoga for All (easy to moderate)

Research has shown that building internal heat/tapas is sufficient for detoxing and burning calories and that overheating the body from the outside can be dangerous and unnecessary.  We teach heated, not hot yoga to avoid injury and undue stress to the body. We set our temperature to 80 degrees and warm the body through gentle, creative flows of postures that awakens the soul and warms the heart. Start the day off with right with heated yoga!

4. Basic Restorative Yoga (easy does it)

These classes are for those needing some rest and relaxation.  Research shows that stress accounts for at least 60% of all diseases leading to much more serious problems in the long run.  Our goal is to help prevent and reverse the negative effects of stress through this class.  Stress reduction is our specialty and we do this through breath work, holding passive poses, use of aromatherapy, and neck releases. Meridian points throughout the body get blocked when we hold tension.  Opening up these blockages through the breath and relaxing poses help to create space in the body, mind and heart.  It is all connected.  Be prepared to leave feeling like you’ve had a full body massage and a week’s vacation!

5. Beginner’s Yoga for All (easy)

New to yoga?  This class focuses on the fundamentals of alignment and breath.  Moving at a much slower pace, students are given individual attention, as they are guided through a gentle Vinyasa I class. (Vinyasa: Moving from one pose to the next by following the breath).  Join us for this playful and fun class that welcomes questions and supports you fully with props intended to make yoga more accessible for all.  If you think you cannot do yoga because you are too stiff, then think again.  It is like saying, you cannot take piano lessons because you cannot play the piano!  Yoga is not a contest; you cannot lose in yoga.  Yoga is only a practice and its healing effects work if you give yourself the chance.

6. Power Yoga (moderate to advanced)

Ready for a workout?  This class is inspired by the Ashtanga Primary Series and will leave you feeling toned and calm.  Holding strengthening postures a little longer and playing with moderate to advanced asanas while deepening one’s pranayama/breath-work practice, describes this class.  While we encourage students to go to their edge, we also encourage students to treat themselves kindly and not overdo it.  That is a huge part of the practice.  Finding yourself where you are on your mat and accepting yourself just as you are.  This style of class comes from the Pathabhi Jois tradition and it is the same sequence each time you practice making it easier to measure your progress.

7. Vinyasa I/II (easy to moderate)

Vinyasa is a steady flow of poses while connecting movement with the breath.  Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere as you chill out to some great music!  This class is easy to moderate and the teacher is always sensitive to the overall ability of the class.  We believe that taking a break in child’s pose, if things do get to be too much, is always an indicator of a mature yogi.  We always encourage students to come play with their practice, not expect a command performance.

8. Yin/Yang Yoga (easy to moderate)

Yin/Yang Yoga is all about holding poses after a gentle warm up.  While you should never feel pain in yoga, you will feel intensity in this one.  Those suffering from auto-immune diseases such as fibromyalgia, lupus or MS can find this class quite relieving.  This class will guide you through 6-7 opening-type of postures that are held for up to 3-5 minutes each.  Deep tension is released through breath work as holding longer can actually release the muscles located closer to the bone.  We love working on hips, shoulders, neck and back.  Neck releases are given at the end of this class.

9. Vinyasa II/III (moderate to advanced)

This is a great workout that incorporates the flow of the sun salutations while building up to more advanced poses.  We always encourage practicing yogis to play with their edge to help keep from becoming stale in their practice.  You will be surprised with how quickly you become stronger and more flexible the more consistent you are with your practice!

10. Yoga for Stress (easy to moderate)

Whether caused by external or internal factors, emotional balance can seem elusive at times.  This class focuses on the subtle energies of the chakras and is offered through a 6-week series.  This class focuses on the 7 main points of energy found throughout the axis of the body.  Through breath work, gentle stretching, sharing with peers and journaling, this 1 1/2 hour class can be transformative!

11. All Levels Vinyasa (easy to moderate)

Our teachers take pride in being able to tailor their class to each students ability. This class is no exception. We use props, which began with the Iyengar lineage, to help students feel most comfortable in the poses. Students will learn that using the props is not so much a ‘crutch’, as it is a way to get into the poses with better alignment, thereby gaining the most healing affects. It is the mature yogi that uses props! Whether you can stand on your head, or barely reach the floor, you can feel safe coming to this fun class.

12. $5 Community Class (easy to moderate)

This affordable class is a great way to try out Indiana Yoga Studio’s teachers’ different styles of teaching. Staff teach this class on a rotation basis. While this class is suitable for all, our teachers are trained to teach who is in front of them. Beginners/Slow-Flow, best describes this fun class! All proceeds go toward Lebanon’s United Children’s Methodist Home and Dr. Sally Bassett’s School for Girls in Costa Rica!

13. Gentle Stretch Yoga (easy)

Yoga for the inflexible is a great class for anyone who wants to join a yoga class but is not sure that they can do yoga! The class will focus on movements that increase core strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance. It includes a mixture of standing  and floor yoga movements. This is a great class to get started doing yoga. You will feel energized yet relaxed. This class offers options for doing yoga for anyone who can stand up, as well as get up and down off the floor. This is yoga for the non-flexible person who would like to get some exercise, de-stress and not feel so tired. Don’t worry about keeping up with everyone in the class. In this class, everyone works at their own pace as we so short sequences and then pause before we start the next short sequence.

14. Kids Yoga! (Restarting in July!)

This class is geared for children of all ages. The teacher, Chris Yovanovich, focuses on tapping into the imagination of her students to travel with her to different parts of the world and exploring different topographies, animals, cultures and more with their bodies, mind and breath! The teacher has the older children help the younger and offers opportunities for children to grow and learn in an easy-going atmosphere helping them to feel they are learning something new while having fun each and every class they attend. Many studies prove statistically significant improvement in focus, concentration, lower levels of stress, better moods, confidence, better grades in school and more in relation to the correlation of kids regular participation in yoga activities!

15. Yoga for Rest

Andrea Miller is a sensitive teacher who supports students in their restorative practice with the use of every prop available: bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets, sandbags, that help to support the body in reclined resting poses. While working on breathing exercises that positively affect the nervous, endocrine, circulatory and lymphatic systems, students strengthen the immune system and calm the mind. When stress is lowered, the hormone, cortisol, is lowered and offers students the ability to more easily lose excess weight. The best part of this class is the 20-30 minute resting period at the end of class following neck release with essential oils. Try this class out in place of your Sunday afternoon nap. You’ll be glad you did!

16. 1st Saturday Level 2/3 Yoga Lab!

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level but aren’t quite sure how to get there? Then join Alena from 11:30a-1:00p on the 1st Saturday of each month for a Level 2/3 Yoga Lab. This 90min alignment based class will go more deeply into the fundamentals of common peak poses such as arm balances, inversions, balancing postures, and backbends. Props will be heavily incorporated so that yogis of varying levels can explore at their own pace and comfort level. It is recommended that interested students have a good foundational practice and a desire to work progressively towards more advanced postures. Questions about various postures and alignment are always welcome! Students may drop in or use their regular package/membership for this class.

17. Energizing Yoga!

If you need a little boost for the weekend, Lillie’s Energizing Yoga is the class for you! Her classes will get your blood moving and muscles working to help release any stagnant energy from the week. The toning is a nice side effect from this fun-loving, low key class! Oh, and did we mention she gives great neck releases! Bring your friend and start the weekend off right with Lillie!

18. Gentle Flow/Restorative Yoga

This class begins with gentle warm-ups followed by sun salutations to get things moving. The last third of the class finds students in delicious restorative poses to relax the sympathetic nervous system and ease the mind/body connection. This class is led by Christian Theological Seminary Counseling student, Omunique Owens.