Christine Cole Yovanovich, B.A., RYT-500

E-RYT 500 certified, Christine Yovanovich is Founder and Owner of Indiana Yoga Studio and serves as director/lead trainer for the 200 and 300-Hours Advanced Teacher Training programs. She feels blessed for having been able to work with so many talented and dedicated yoga students over the years. Chris has been involved in meditation since childhood and began studying Kriya yoga in 2005. Chris has studied with prominent yoga teachers around the world, including Todd Norian, Desiree Rambaugh, Ramaswami, David Swenson, Sean Corn and others in Rishikesh, India. Chris loves sharing the healing aspects of yoga that has helped her relieve her symptoms of fibromyalgia so many years ago. Christine has directed the 200-Hour nationally accredited teacher training at Butler University and will be teaching as adjunct professor in “Yoga and Spirituality” at Christian Theological Seminary next semester. She is thrilled to bring yoga to Lebanon, Indiana. She brings original music and gentleness to her yoga classes, giving her students the tools in order to rejuvenate and self-heal.

Chris teaches Ashtanga Yoga (Power), Kids’ Yoga, Restorative & Stress Reduction Yoga & Vinyasa (Flowing). She also is Director of both 200 & 300-Hrs. Adv. Teacher Trainings.

Anna Greeley






Anna Greeley, B.A., RYT- 500

In 2011 Anna earned her RYT-200-Hrs. through Peace Through Yoga.  She went on to earn her  RYT-500-Hrs. in 2014.  Sharing paddleboard yoga is her first love, but she is also a certified facilitator of Y12SR… yoga in 12 step recovery. Trained in Somatics, a type of slow mindful movements designed to help achieve relief from physical pain in the body. She is also trained in the art of leading Yoga Nidra, which serves as a type of meditation that guides us through the physical body to reduce stress. Anna does healing work as a Reiki Master and  utilizes crystal singing bowls tot help bring about balance in the chakras (the main energy channels) through vibrational healing at a cellular level.  Anna states that what she found on her journey thus far is so much more than what she could have ever imagined!

Anna is intuitive, compassionate and inspirational in her teaching approach.  Her goal is to lead others into a deeper understanding of their true Self by facilitating healing and transformation on the deepest levels.

Anna teaches Vinyasa Levels I/II every Weds. at 6 p.m.. (Good for beginners to intermediate). She also serves as Lead Trainer for our nationally accredited 200-Hrs. Teacher Training.


Alena Sentir, M.S., RYT-200

Alena entered yoga teacher training when her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer as a way to cope and learn how to encourage others to seek solace in times of stress.  Alena enjoys seeing new yogis discover the benefits of yoga on their own terms and cultivate their own personal yoga journey.  She has a light-hearted style, appealing to those that are new to yoga and those that enjoy a playful and accepting atmosphere, welcome to all levels of practice.  Initially beginning her personal yoga journey in 2007, it wasn’t until she became pregnant with her daughter in 2011 that she started a regular practice.  Feeling the physical effects of yoga on the pregnant body and discovering how pranayama techniques aid in the labor process has inspired Alena to pursue further specialization in prenatal yoga.

Alena teaches in Pre/Post-Natal Yoga Series


Chelsea Meabor, RYT-200

Chelsea began her yoga journey on  whim. She signed up for the 200-Hr. RYT training program with Chris Yovanovich the night before it started, following a pull in her heart that told her to just go for it. At the time, she struggled with a garden-variety of addictions and low self esteem, but after going through the program and diving head first into the depths of yoga, she found herself slowly beginning to heal her body and her mind. She is excited and blessed to share her journey and her hardships with fellow yogis, and welcomes any opportunity to help grow the yoga practice in others’ lives.



Andrea Miller, RYT-200

Yoga has been a part of Andrea’s life since 2005. It has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Her practice reminds her to live each moment more mindfully. Having taught yoga since 2007, she received her training from Chris Yovanovich at Peace Through Yoga in 2011 and looks forward to continuing her training in the future. She enjoys bringing creative sequencing and a spirit of playfulness to her classes.






Jeanette Emery, B.A., B.S.N., RYT-200

Jeanette has practiced yoga since she was 12 year old thanks to her older sister and Lilias Folan’s show on PBS. She believes yoga is key to overall health and spiritual expansion, which makes life’s challenges much less daunting. Having taken classes and attending workshops over the years, she finally finished her yoga teacher training in September of 2017 at Indiana Yoga Studio. Jeanette has two sons, a recently adopted daughter, and a cat who likes to lay on the yoga mat when she does her practice.

Lille Terrill

Lille Terrill, RYT-200

I completed my RYT 200-Hr. in September 2017 at the Indiana Yoga Studio.  During these classes I was able to fuel my untouched passion for holistic wellness, centering my focus on activities that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. I had taken yoga classes before mostly hot yoga, but while taking my 200-Hr.. I found there is so much more to it! I love that you allow yourself an hour to an hour and a half of just mindfulness. There is such a need for that today with all the hustle and bustle and many distractions. In the beginning I struggled with racing thoughts and anxiety to hurry through the practice. I now encourage sticking with it because the benefits of allowing yourself this time is truly amazing!



Alli Louthain, B.A., RYT-200

Studies have shown that yoga for kids improves self-esteem and develops gross motor skills. It also aids their ability to self-calm while giving them a healthy outlet for energy. Yoga increases kids’ abilities to concentrate and focus, as well as deal with stress. The younger we can give our children tools to handle their emotions and exercise their bodies, the better able they will be to make healthy decisions and handle the fast-paced, high pressure society they are growing up in! Alli Louthain RYT is one of the leaders in the Indiana Yoga community when it comes to teaching kids yoga. She knows just how to connect with kids, help them feel empowered and provide a fun environment to enrich them; mind, body and soul!


William “Will” Lowe, RYT-200

Will Lowe is a 200-Hours Certified Yoga Instructor, certified through National Yoga Alliance. He completed his training in 2014 at Peace through Yoga with Christine Yovanovich. Will has been practicing Yoga and Qigong for over 20 years. The Chinese healing art of Qigong is a part of his Yoga practice and helps bring energy to his daily routine and his teaching practice. Will is currently working with Veterans to teach them the benefits of yoga, and is happy to be a part of the Irvington Wellness Center.

(Influence of the ancient Chinese healing art of Qigong infused. Breathing techniques , energy flow, and yoga postures will be used for a healthier and happier lifestyle).

Will teaches Qi Gong and looks forward to leading yoga for Vetrans of War.

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Nancy Raute-Trapp, M.S., RYT-200

Nancy has been interested in various forms of fitness throughout her life as a way to remain healthy and minimize stress.  Over the years she found no greater sense of balance than being on her mat and wants to share this feeling with her students.  Her practice focuses on creating a connection with mind, body, and breath.  She invites you to come and join her for a Slow Flow or Restorative practice and to leave feeling ‘blissed out’.  No matter how crazy the day is, after spending time together on our mats,  a feeling of contentment will surface as our minds and bodies are placed at ease. Nancy teaches Vinyasa I/Slow Flow and Restorative Yoga.

Trina Rose

Trina Rose, B.A., RYT-200

I started my venture into Yoga in 2000 after the birth of my first child.  I’ve always been an athlete and very interested in fitness, but felt I needed something more to transition into motherhood.  I was intrigued right away!  Yoga was something my body definitely needed, but the mental aspect was a surprise to me.  I needed that just as much!  Health & wellness is my passion.  Encouraging others to be their best self really fills my cup.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Wellness.  I’ve been the Wellness Coordinator at Witham Health Services since 2008.  I am a Level 4 YogaFit instructor, STOTT Pilates instructor, Barre Above instructor, Certified Health Coach & Spinning instructor. 

Trina teaches Barre Above (c)



Cristina Fontana

B.N., RYT-200, Yoga4Cancer(c) Certified

Cistina began practicing yoga during a stressful time in her life. She fell in love with the wonderful feeling of peace and grounding after attending a yoga class. She became very interested in cultivating that feeling not only on the mat in herself, but also at home with her family. Yoga teacher training led Cristina to deep self-discovery, fueling in her a passion to teach and inspire others. Cristina believes in living in the present moment, teaching from her heart, and calming the chatter of the mind by linking breath and movement. She obtained her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in Zionsville, IN. in 2015 and her yoga4cancer (c) certification through Tari Prinster in New York City in 2016. Prior to this training, Cristina also studied under the guidance of Dr. Sue Morter, founder of the Morter Institute, completing all 4 levels of the Energy Codes course work. Cristina is a Pediatric Registered Nurse, and has worked as a Radiation Therapist with oncology patients for over 15 years. She I excited about the many medical benefits yoga brings to the body, such as improving posture and flexibility, strengthening the bones, bringing oxygen to al the cell, stimulating the immune system, reducing stress, and cultivating rest & peace, just to mention a few. Christina hopes to inspire and motivate her students to discover the truth of who they are, and what they are capable of. She wants all who are called to yoga to fall in love with it as much as she has.

Donna final

Donna Thompson, B.A., RYT-200

Donna was drawn to the physical nature of yoga for exercise 10 years ago. While going through a divorce and dealing with family addictions, she began the practice of yoga to get stronger, but soon realized yoga can also help heal not only the body, but settle the mind. Through her journey to create more balance in life, she discovered that through the breath and mindful and physical practices of yoga, it helped to bring joy and peace to everyday life!

In 2017, Donna received her RYT-200 Teacher training with Chris Yovanovich at Indiana Yoga Studio, as well as her Y12SR Addiction and Recovery certification from Nikki Myers at Cityoga in Indianapolis.

Through Vinyasa yoga, she hopes to help inspire others not only through the physical benefits in regular yoga practice, but also sharing the mental benefits. Letting go of what no longer serves you, is the goal! ~Namaste

Beth JerrelsBeth Jerrels, B.A., RYT-200

Beth has practiced yoga for over twenty years, during which time she was pursuing a career in hair and makeup. When neck and shoulder pain brought her back to the mat more regularly, she became acutely aware of the positive effects of yoga in the body and the mind, then wanted to learn even more, deciding to look into yoga teacher training. Yoga brought me back home to myself; to daily living with purpose and joy!

In 2014 she enrolled in yoga teacher training, and there learned the true transformation of yoga in the body, mind, and spirit and how the breath is the gateway to all three. This connection is what she likes to bring to the mat to share with others. Her approach in teaching yoga is applying the power of the breath to improve your movement, alignment, and mental tranquility. Beth enjoys teaching all ages, and will blend classic poses with movement and breath, offering options for all skill levels, and time to get into the poses.


Kimberly Ross, M.A., RYT-500

Kim discovered yoga in 2002 and instantly fell in love. Yoga has served as a deeply moving and therapeutic practice for Kim- one she loves sharing with others.  Kim completed her 200hr RYT with Peace Through Yoga in 2013 and completed her 500hr RYT in 2015. With her background in Mental Health Social Work, Kim combines her interests and provides space for growth from mental illness and addiction through yoga and meditation. Her classes provide a safe space for healing, exploration, spiritual growth and self love.

Kim specializes in Yoga for Mental Health in both the 200 and 300-Hr. Adv. Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Amy alone

Amy Mitchell, RYT-200

Amy has been practicing yoga since about 2000.   At that time, she was a wellness instructor teaching group exercise at Lebanon Sports & Fitness, here in Lebanon.  Shortly after her first yoga class, she became certified as a Yoga Fit level 1 instructor and began teaching.  It was then that she knew yoga was the path for her, discovering that yoga is just as much a spiritual journey as it is a form of exercise.   Several years later, Amy accepted a position at the local YMCA as the Wellness Coordinator where she continued her yoga journey.  She currently works at Witham Health Services in the Administration Office during the day, teaching a weekly gentle stretch yoga class for the Wellness Department in the evening.  Amy is also currently enrolled as a student in the Indiana Yoga Studio RYT-200 Hour program, and will graduate in the Fall of 2017.  Her plans are to continue on with her training toward the RYT-300 and 500-hour teacher certifications.   Amy has been a wellness instructor for 15+ years, and has a background and training in yoga, group exercise,  Pilates, and senior wellness.



Cheryl Lowry, B.S., RYT 200

Cheryl is a registered 200-hour (RYT 200) Yoga Alliance teacher with certifications for Silver Age Yoga and Warriors At Ease.  Silver Age Yoga focuses on the senior population and their accompanying medical and physical conditions. Warriors At Ease brings the healing power of yoga and meditation to military personnel and their families, especially those affected by combat-stress PTSD and trauma. She is also the creator and instructor of our popular Yoga Basics 101 6-week workshop for beginners.  Cheryl’s commitment to continued training and teaching of yoga and meditation will always be a constant in her life.

Cheryl teaches the Yoga Basics 101 workshops and the Meditation workshop for 200 Hrs. YTT. 

kathleen aker croppedKathleen Aker RYT-200

I grew up in Buffalo, New York and loved participating in all kinds of sports.  Most of my free time was spent as a competitive figure skater.  As an adult, I really enjoyed pilates classes, became certified, and taught happily for 9 years.  Then I found yoga 51/2 years ago, and fell in love with how good it made me feel!  I earned my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate in 2015.  I love to share this wonderful ancient practice with others, because it has made my life so much better in every way!