Single-Class/ Drop-in Rate

1 class/$15

Class Packages

5 classes/$65

10 classes/$120

20 classes/$200

Community Classes

FREE! Drop-in classes are taught by our IYS teachers on a rotation basis.

Indiana Yogi Memberships (auto-pays pro-rated at the beginning of the month)

Indiana Yogi monthly auto-pay: $79/month (12 month contract)

Indiana Yogi monthly auto-pay: $108/month (no contract)

Indiana Yogi Student/Military/Veteran monthly: $79 (12 month contract)

Indiana Yogi Student/Military/Veteran monthly auto-pay: $99/month (no contract)

Indiana Yogi Senior Membership: $40/month (Includes weekly online Chair Yoga classes).

Indiana Yogi Membership Benefits:

·   Free passes for first time visiting friends

·   10% off yoga and meditation 101 series

·   10% off retail

·   Classes less than $4 per day

·   10% off special workshops

·   Supports the Indiana Yoga Foundation (5% to United Children’s Methodist Home, Lebanon)

Indiana Yogi Membership Special/Family Investments:

Indiana Yogi Individual Annual Membership (paid in full)-$750

Student/Military/Veteran Individual Annual Membership (paid in full)-$675

Family Annual Membership (paid in full) -$1350 -up to 3 members in same household (two kids between 5-12 for free) 

Indiana Yoga Family Monthly Auto-Pay-$135/month

(When canceling memberships email csyo66@gmail.com. Please allow 7-10 days for cancellation. 12 month contracts will expire after 1 year).